lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

[Agenda] Barn Burner + Jefe 81 (8/9/2010 @ Sala Heaven)

Este Miércoles en la Heaven tendremos a los canadienses Barn Burner acompañados de los locales Jefe 81. Por 10€ a partir de las 21:00.

From the metal loving city of Montreal comes one of the most killer riff machines this side of the 3 headed love child of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Fu Manchu. Barn Burner have been cruising around Canada and Usa over the past few years spreading their love of the riff, good times and are ready to spread their beard encrusted rock to the rest of the world.

Cultivating the principles of partying and musical ingenuity, Barn Burner creates a live atmosphere that render an audience incapable of standing still (whether it be dancing or giving your best friend a well deserved swill of beer). Barn Burner clarifies the ever importance of a powerful live show and the willingness and desire to tour relentlessly until one of them either loses a limb or straight up dies. Tell your parents that you are sleeping over at your buddy's house, because tonight's going be a hell of a Barn Burner.

(Montreal, Canada - Metalblade)

Live Videos

Some words about the new record...

"Up tempo stoner rock like a cross between The Atomic Bitchwax, Fu Manchu and The Fucking Champs.excellent musicianship." Terrorizer Magazine

"If Steve Harris [yes, Iron Maiden's own] moved to Montreal and started eating poutine and joined Corrosion of Conformity I'd imagine it would sound a lot like this. It hasn't left my constant rotation for weeks, and I presume it is there to stay."

"Montreal's Barn Burner is one of the most impressive Sabbath-inspired bands we've heard in a long time. The band's newest offering, Bangers (New Romance for Kids), is pure stoney mayhem. Comprised of heavy, minimal riffs, driving drums and major solos, this album will satiate any metal head's yearning for primal rock."


Jefe 81 es una banda de rock nacida en Santander en Noviembre de 2009. Sus componentes provienen de bandas cántabras como Mirindas, L.A. Velcro, Mr.Snoid, y de las Islas Canarias como Night Carpenters o La Panasurf. Su estilo es el Rock, y dentro de éste, absorben influencias de todas las épocas y variantes como el blues, el southern, el punk, el hard o incluso el stoner.

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  1. Siempre que alguen habla de Stoner, se esta refiriendo a Stoner Rock; aunque este grupo se podria considerar Stoner Metal.


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