jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

El nuevo disco de Mastodon...

... llevará por título: 'Crack the Skye' y será publicado a principios de 2009, 50 minutos repartidos en siete canciones grabadas en los estudios Southern Tracks de Atlanta y mezclado y producido por Brendan O'Brien. Los títulos de las siete canciones son:
01. Oblivion
02. Divinations
03. Quintessence
04. The Czar
I. Usurper
II. Escape
III. Martyr
IV. Spiral
05. Ghost of Karelia
06. Crack The Skye
07. The Last Baron

Troy Sanders, bajista de Mastodon dió en una entrevista algunos detalles del nuevo disco:

"I think most of our new material is going to be more under the rock category, but it's pretty epic and involved, extremely layered, broad, melodic, dark, and creepy. When we met up with [producere] Brendan [O'Brien], he had heard some of our demos and he liked some of the rock elements that we had with our stuff. We told him that we were interested in recording, quote, 'a classic rock record that will hopefully have a long shelf life and have solid songs from start to finish, and that will live a lot longer than just listening to it a few times and shelving it.' Our favorite records of all time that we always constantly revisit in our own collection are by bands like JOURNEY, YES, KING CRIMSON, FRANK ZAPPA, KANSAS, and all the shit that we grew up with and were inspired by and continue to revisit. We kind of wanted to attempt to capture a record like that, [at least] in our eyes and ears. The stars had aligned perfectly because Brendan's a perfect match, a funny dude and a great musician who has an amazing ear. He can pick out little things that we can try to do that we hadn't even thought of before, whether it be vocally or sonically with the guitars or something. So it is going to be more of a rock kind of Count Chocula-meets-DEEP PURPLE thing. That's kind of what we're saying."
Recordad, que les podremos ver abriendo para Metallica el 13 de Julio de 2009 en Madrid.

Un saludo.

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  1. 7 temas...50 minutos? Este disco va a ser muy progresivo. La cancion "The Czar" tiene 4 partes asi que seguro que dura mas de 10 minutos.

  2. ¡Son unos chanantes de puta madre! (Solo hay que ver la foto)

    Aunque para foto chanante esta:


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